Artist Uses the Sun and a Magnifying Glass To Create Stunning Works of Art

Jordan ang-osan - pyrography art - sunlight drawing

Filipino pyrography artist Jordan Mang-osan, creates beautiful artwork, which he calls “solar drawings”, by harnessing the power of the sun to burn images into a wooden canvas. Jordan Mang-osan, isĀ an award-winning Filipino artist, he draws upon the culture, history and environment of his native Cordilleras region and of the Igorot people (of whom he isRead More

40-foot Chinese wood art sets new record for the longest wood carving on a of single piece of timber


A Chinese artist has spent the last four years creating a wood art masterpiece on a single 40-foot long tree trunk. The carving is intricate that it includes 550 individual pieces of people. Famous wood-carver, Zheng Chunhui, has transformed very large tree trunk into a wood art re-creating an ancient Chinese painting, often referred toRead More