Cool Vintage Keyboard Will Make You Feel Like Writers From The Past


Experience nostalgia with this mechanical typewriter style keyboard. The tactile clicky sounds, the focus, and the vintage look is an awesome feel for steam-punk fans, or veteran writers, and a vintage experience for those who have never experience using a mechanical typewriter. This vintage-style keyboard, is dubbed as “Qwerkywriter”, was created by game developer Brian Min,Read More

Stream Nostalgia with this Bluetooth Gramophone – Gramovox

Stream Nostalgia with this Bluetooth Gramophone - Gramovox - connectors

Every now-and-then it is nice to seat back and listen to classic music. With all the technology we have,  some vintage sound would be very relaxing. Another awesome kickstarter project promises to bring the vintage sound back, with the Gramovox, a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics . The Gramovox lets you stream nostalgia using your mobileRead More