Most Amazing Drone Photos Captured in 2015


“Drones are becoming an increasingly accessible way to get a new perspective on the world,” Eric Dupin, CEO of Dronestagram, said in a statement. “There literally are no physical limits as to where a shot can take place anymore.” Dronestagram is a website and app focused exclusively on drone imagery. They have partnered with National Geographic, GoPro,Read More

14 Mind-boggling Imaginative Photo Retouching by Erik Johansson


Swedish-born photography artist Erik Johansson, uses both physical objects and special photo retouching techniques to create fantastical worlds in which everything seems possible. His works are literally twisted reality, everything in his works are real objects and real people. Erik Johansson has mastered the art of photo retouching, despite no formal training on photography, artRead More

20 Photos of Cute Little Kids/Babies with their Huge Dogs


Most parents would not let their little kids near huge dogs/pets. Well, some parents did, and the results are absolutely adorable photographs. Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, large or giant dog breeds can be especially good family friends. They can even get along well with your children, and these photos show how perfectly cute little kids and huge dogs are together! The benefitsRead More