The Lampster – Coolest Lamp with Attitude


The Lampster is a cool lamp designed with a superhero-like stance. Its first design was inspired from tractor headlights. With it’s Kickstarter campaign, backers can choose a number of ways to customize their Lampster; from color, logo or Letters/Initials. It functions as normal lamp with its normal light source. And a cooler lamp with itsRead More

Night Vision for Smartphones allows you to Capture in the Dark – Snooperscope

snooperscope camouflage

Give your mobile devices the ability to see and capture even in complete darkness. It can also reveal things invisible to the naked eye. The Snooperscope is another amazing Kickstarter project. With a funding goal of £40,000, it has already exceeded it with the current pledge £70,120 from 1,398 backers. The Snooperscope is a wirelessRead More