Cool Vintage Keyboard Will Make You Feel Like Writers From The Past


Experience nostalgia with this mechanical typewriter style keyboard. The tactile clicky sounds, the focus, and the vintage look is an awesome feel for steam-punk fans, or veteran writers, and a vintage experience for those who have never experience using a mechanical typewriter. This vintage-style keyboard, is dubbed as “Qwerkywriter”, was created by game developer Brian Min,Read More

This Extraordinary Artist Created this Majestic Lion Sculpture with 4,000 Pieces Of Hammered Scrap Metal


This majestic lion sculpture was made out of 4,000 pieces of scrap metal – truly breathtaking. Dubbed as “Aslan” (Turkish for Lion), Turkish artist Selçuk Yılmaz, hand-cut, and hammered every piece of metal by himself. And metal-work is never easy – “It needs  patience and we have to know pain,”  said Selçuk Yılmaz. This makes him not only an extraordinaryRead More

These Clothes Look Ordinary. But They’re Actually CARVED from Stone – a SCULPTURE! Super-realistic.


At the first look, these clothes seem just like an ordinary hoodie. It’s hard to believe but these clothes are actually sculpted from solid Carrara marble. Alex Seton, Sydney-based Artist, makes a living creating super-realistic sculptures of everyday clothes. From cozy hooded sweatshirts to soft-looking t-shirts and sports costumes, all carved from solid marble. Artist AlexRead More