This Is How Adrenaline Junkies Meet Up at 330+ Feet High


Have you heard of the Highline Meeting?. It is a festival for adventure seekers, where people sleep on hammocks suspended above the Italian Alps. In this event, you basically sleep for the thrill! As crazy as it looks, it is actually an annual event that took place this year at Monte Piana in the Italian Dolomites (the mostRead More


Most Costly Cities to Live in the World 2014

Thanks to its weakening yen, Tokyo has lost its crown as the world’s most expensive metropolis.   Now, Singapore topped the list due to various factors such as having the world’s highest concentrations of millionaires relative to its 5.4 million population; a per capita income of more than $51,000 in 2012, among others. Also, aRead More


Top 15 cities with the most millionaires 2014

These are the cities with the most people with net assets of US$1 million in the world, according to global wealth consultancy New World Wealth. 15. Sao Paulo (84,200 millionaires) Brazil’s largest city is home to a third of the country’s millionaires. Sao Paulo is arguably the most important city in South America for banking andRead More

The Scariest Trail in The World. But You’ll Never Believe Where It Leads to.

Plank Path - scariest trail in the world

This trail is not for the faint-hearted. The trail can be found China’s Mt. Hua Shan. At its base, you’ll find a gigantic set of stone stairs, called “the Heavenly Stairs”.  The stairs go so high up the mountain, it’s hard to see where they end. The stairs lead to the world’s most dangerous trail, the “HuaRead More


This Little Known Place Way Up North Is Perfection. And You Probably Never Knew It Even Existed Till Now.

lapland - unknown beautiful place on earth

Unknown to most of us, Lapland, Finland, has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its the best place to escape the busy city, into a seemingly magical place. If Santa is real, then he definitely lives in this magical place. Even if you hate wintry wonderlands you still might wantRead More


Philippines Is Among The Top 10 Countries Worldwide To Visit This 2014

The Philippines is among the Top 10 Countries worldwide to visit this 2014, according to British travel guidebook Rough Guides. In its 2014 edition, the Philippines made it to the 10th place along with other beautiful and culturally-rich countries Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, Japan, Rwarna, Ethiopia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Madagascar. Rough Guides cited Philippines’ natural placesRead More


Most Googled Local Destinations of 2013 – Philippines

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

The Philippines has a lot of travel destinations, these are the 10 most searched local destinations in the country. Top 10 Most Googled Philippine Local Destinations of 2013 1.  Sky Ranch Tagaytay Sky Ranch is a leisure park, located in Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hwy, Tagaytay City, It boasts the “Sky Eye“, the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the countryRead More


10 Youthful City To Live In

YouthfulCities – a global social initiative – ranked these top ten cities around the world for young people. Cities were assessed according to 16 different categories including Diversity, Fashion and Art and Economic Status. An estimated 2,000 young people from the ages of 16 to 29 were also interviewed to determine their opinion. Find outRead More


15 Travel Etiquette tips: What you should and shouldn’t do

Any traveler knows that sinking feeling of boarding a plane only to get stuck with a less-than-desirable seatmate: someone who hogs that narrow, coveted armrest or brings an oversized duffel that encroaches on your legroom. If you’ve ever resorted to a passive-aggressive nudge or, on the contrary, suffered through hours of transatlantic claustrophobia, you haveRead More


25 Places to go before you die

1. Goðafoss Waterfall of the Gods, Iceland The Goðafoss is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. It is located in the Mývatn district of North-Central Iceland at the beginning of the Sprengisandur highland road. 2.Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China The rainbow formation is the result of red sandstone and mineral deposits beingRead More

Wakeskating The Rice Terraces Of Banaue, Philippines

Wakeskating The Rice Terraces Of Banaue, Philippines – Brian Grubb and Dominik Preisner. The Banaue Rice Terraces are 2,000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The Rice Terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.   RespectRead More


Palawan: The World’s Clearest Water

  I think we all agree that Philippines has some of the world’s best beaches, islands, and diving spots. This year, Linapacan Island, Palawan ranked as the top of the world’s clearest water to swim in before you die. American news site Daily News Dig recently came up with a list of “35 Clearest Waters in the World toRead More


New and Hottest Hotels in the World 2013

New and Hottest hotels have emerge around the world. TripAdvisor looked at global properties that have opened within the last year and have earned at least four out of five ratings from travelers. 1. Hotel Casa San Agustin, Cartagena, Colombia Location This luxury hotel is located in Cartagena (Cartagena Walled City), close to University ofRead More


Top Epic Places in the Philippines

These are some list of the epic tourist destinations in the Philippines. Since divers discovered Tubbataha in the late 1970s, it has become recognised as one of the most remarkable coral reefs on our planet. The CNN travel website,, ranks it among the top eight dive sites in the world. Because of its isolated location,Read More


Da Vinci exhibit opens at Mind Museum

Hear ye, hear ye, Filipino art and science enthusiasts: Leonardo Da Vinci is in town! This, as what is dubbed as the “most comprehensive” exhibit of the Italian polymath comes to Manila. “Da Vinci—The Genius” will run from September 1 to November 30, 2013 at the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. The exhibit featuresRead More