14 Mind-boggling Imaginative Photo Retouching by Erik Johansson


Swedish-born photography artist Erik Johansson, uses both physical objects and special photo retouching techniques to create fantastical worlds in which everything seems possible. His works are literally twisted reality, everything in his works are real objects and real people. Erik Johansson has mastered the art of photo retouching, despite no formal training on photography, artRead More


20 Photos of Cute Little Kids/Babies with their Huge Dogs


Most parents would not let their little kids near huge dogs/pets. Well, some parents did, and the results are absolutely adorable photographs. Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, large or giant dog breeds can be especially good family friends. They can even get along well with your children, and these photos show how perfectly cute little kids and huge dogs are together! The benefitsRead More


15 Incredible Photos of Owl Camouflage – Masters of disguise


Despite their cute and calm appearance, Owls are incredible nocturnal hunters, with binocular vision, binaural hearing, and feathers adapted for silent flight. However, during the day they have tremendously camouflage that keeps them hidden from daytime predators. It’s amazing how Owl’s find the perfect environment to blend in with their feathers. But that’s not the onlyRead More


This Is How Adrenaline Junkies Meet Up at 330+ Feet High


Have you heard of the Highline Meeting?. It is a festival for adventure seekers, where people sleep on hammocks suspended above the Italian Alps. In this event, you basically sleep for the thrill! As crazy as it looks, it is actually an annual event that took place this year at Monte Piana in the Italian Dolomites (the mostRead More


20 Incredibly Stunning Animal Body Art!


These extra-ordinary artists are talented and passionate about their subjects – Animals! These models, and artists , create a stunning figurative representation of the relationship we share with animals. By cleverly using human body parts, they are able to showcase the real form of the animals they are painting. These animal body art  will definitelyRead More


18 Stunning Photos of Sheep Blanketing the Earth


Sheep have earned a reputation as dumb and foolish animals because of their flocking instinct, but they are actually quite intelligent, performing as well or even better than monkeys and rodents in certain mental tasks. They exhibit facial recognition, long-term memory, a knack for quick learning, and some have even exhibited intelligent problem-solving capabilities. TheRead More


Super Cute Dog-Bird Hybrid – It’s a Bird, It’s a Dog?, It’s BOTH!


If you are a Dog lover, Bird lover or Both -you’ll love this. Ever thought what if there was a Dog-Bird breed?. These amazing Photoshoped images show how “Dirds” would look like. Honestly, I didn’t expect they could look this cute. Can’t help but imagine how they would bark while flying. For the Bird-headed-Dog-bodied “Dirds“,Read More


Watch This Model Get Un-Photoshopped. You’ll Never Guess How the Original Image Looks like!

You’ve probably seen some cool image editing that turns normal models into super models. But this is not your ordinary Photoshop editing. This will blow your mind, at the same time, think twice on what is real and not. This video shows how photo editing creates a false and unrealistic standards for people. The model here, isRead More


Stunning Macro Photographs of Butterfly Wings. Shows Jewel-Like Detail. Far Beyond your Imagination.

Stunning Macro Photographs of Butterfly Wings

Linden Gledhill is a biochemist turned photographer. These stunning macro photographs of butterfly wings are one of his incredible works. Butterflies are enchanting, beautiful and elegant creatures, but once you see these macro photographs of their wings. You’ll appreciate them in a whole new level. Amazing!      Linden Gledhill is mostly fascinated by the beauty ofRead More


This Incredible Image Captures A Day’s Worth Of Plane Take-offs. Amazing!

This Incredible Image Captures A Day's Worth Of Plane Take-offs. Amazing.

This amazing image captures every departure from LAX’s South Complex with a few arrivals at its north complex. Cool isn’t. This is the work of Local photographer, Michael Kelley, a professional architecture photographer. Kelley spent a whole day at the Los Angeles International Airport taking photos and piecing together this incredible image, which displays nearly every departure to illustrateRead More


Oscar Nominees Pose with their Younger Selves. Stunning Transformations. Yes, They do age!


Can you even remember how these Hollywood stars looked liked when they were younger? (probably not). These potoshopped images show how the 2014 Oscar Nominees has transformed. It’s amazing to see 24 years transformation of Leonardo DiCarpio, 26 years of Christian Bale, and Matthew McConaughey’s 18 years transformation – and he didn’t age much (besides the hair and dress). LeonardoRead More


Guns to Thumbs Up: Positivity – Good Vibes


Have some positive vibes. The following images are movie stills that originally had violent content. Amazingly, removing guns from the picture turns everything around, now these images show positivity. Checkout our favorite images below, from  Thumbs & Ammo collections. They are unusual, but definitely interesting, funny and positive. These are fun images, and a goodRead More


Photographer’s Special Trick For Capturing Baby Portraits


Photographer Karen Wiltshire puts babies to sleep for getting babies to pose for their adorable portraits. But here special trick is how she puts them to sleep. Her special method? – gently running her fingers over the baby’s eyelids while playing the sound of a hairdryer over her phone, which will put a baby to sleep in just a fewRead More


25 Perfectly Timed Animal Photographs [Part 02]


This list is a continuation to – 25 Amazing Perfectly Timed Animal Photographs [Part 01]. We thought you loved the first 25 – you’ll definitely love these new set of 25 amazing perfectly timed animal photos as well. These perfectly timed shots captured really amazing picture perfect photographs of beautiful animals in action. These perfectly timedRead More


Animal Eyes Extreme Close-Up Photographs – Amazingly Creepy


If you think Animal Eyes are scary just by looking at it. I don’t know how you would feel after seeing these images of animal eyes taken in extreme close-up macro photography. It’s like a look into their real ‘animalistic’ personality. Personally – I think the Chimpanzee’s eyes proves they’re human’s’ very close relative, soRead More


Extreme Human Eyes Close-Up Photograph – Just Creepy Upclose

Extreme Human Eye Close-Up Photographs - If You Didn't Know, You Wouldn't Believe These Are Human Eyes

Has anyone ever told you that you have such beautiful eyes? – Just make sure they don’t look too closely. Checkout these amazing, but kind of creepy images of the human eyes when captured by extreme close-up photography. These are amazing close-up shots of the human eyes, it actually doesn’t look anything like an eyeRead More


25 Amazing Perfectly Timed Animal Photographs


These perfectly timed shots captured really amazing picture perfect photographs of beautiful animals in action. These perfectly timed photos takes real patience and a whole lot of luck of capture. These amazing photos are so amazing we can’t help but express our interpretation of the beautiful picture perfect scenes. Got better ideas to describe theseRead More