The Unspillable Cup – Mighty Mug

The Mighty mug uses some interesting tech to sit still even when knocked from the side.Developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, Mighty Mug, is the world’s only Mug that grips to your desk when knocked into, but lifts easily.   It uses Smartgrip Technology, which allows Mighty Mug to withstand accidental bumps byRead More


The Best Guitar Cover on a Classic – Sweet Child O’ Mine (2 Guitar)

Sweet Child O Mine - Best cover

This iconic rock song has been covered my times, but not like This. Unbelievable! This may be the best guitar performance ever seen on this classic song. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnol. You can downloads his music at candyrat – luca stricagnoli Like and Share if you enjoyed it.


Drone Captures Fireworks Across an Entire City on NYE

Drone City fireworks - NYE 2016

Drones are definitely giving us a better view at everything. Photographer Jeff Cremer flew a drone at 200 m (650 ft) over Lima, Peru, on the ever of new year, and captured an amazing fireworks display across the entire city (everything in the horizon is lit-up). It’s incredible to see just how many firework displays were occurringRead More


Adele’s “Hello” Cover – “Green Day” style

Here is another awesome cover of Adele’s latest song “Hello”. Performed by the Ten Second Songs vocalist, Anthony Vincent. This amazing version is done in the style of the American punk rock band Green Day. Previously, we have feature a metal version/cover of this song – Adele’s Hello – Metal Which version do you thinkRead More


“The Hold” – Secret Trick To Calm A Crying Baby

A pediatrician in Santa Monica, CA demonstrates a simple technique on how to calm a crying baby. The technique called “The Hold”, has been utilized by Dr. Hamilton (Dr. Bob) to quiet and calm infants during office visits. Parents have learned and tried it and have experienced great success at home. The instruction and demonstration starts around the one (1)Read More


Turn you Smartphone into a 3D Hologram Projector

This cool DIY works! with no 3D glasses needed. Just some old plastic CD case, and you can create a mini 3D hologram projector using your smartphone. This DIY youtubd video was posted by American Hacker. Try this out with these sample Hologram videos; 1. Hologram Video 1 2. Hologram Video 2  


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Wendy Nguyen – Amazing!


Scarf is a piece of fabric commonly worn around the neck for warmth, cleanliness, and fashion. So if yo wear it right, you can add an instant style and fashion to your look. It’s amazing what such simple accessory can do. This 5 minute video will show 25 simple (yet stylish) ways to wear a scarf. Yeah, itRead More


Aerial Waltz – A Dance Performance on Wall of Oakland’s City Hall


This magically lovely aerial dance performance was filmed vertically on the side of Oakland’s 18-story City Hall building earlier this month at the Art & Soul Festival. The dancers are Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber from Bandaloop. Watch the video below, and see the elegance of the performance. They’re like dancing on zero gravity!


Incredibly Cool and Unique Cover of Michael Jackson’s ”The Way You Make Me Feel”

Singer and musician Kawehi posted this cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ in 2012, but it barely got views, it went unnoticed just until last week. It went viral and has now gathered 2 million views in Youtube, in just a week. It’s one woman show type of cover, a unique andRead More


Linkin Park’s “In the End” Sung in 20 Different Styles – Incredible

Anthony Vincent, of TenSecondSongs is at it again with the 20 style cover. Yes, unlike other artist who creates one awesome cover version of popular songs. Anthony does it in 20 different styles! (20 different artist styles) It’s incredibly awesome! Checkout this cover of Linkin Park’s “In the End“ song, performed in 20 completely differentRead More


Motorcyclist Makes a Flawless Landing After Crash – This is a Miracle!

Motorcyclist Makes a Flawless Landing After Crash - This is a Miracle!

What turned out to be a horrific accident caught on tape, became the most incredible video to be ever caught on an in-car dash cam. Watch as a motorcyclist attempts to change lane, ended crashing into the back of a car. But instead of disaster, it turned out to be a miracle, as the motorcyclist does a forwardRead More


This man turns Suicide into Passion – Monkey King

Jyoti Raj was abandoned and abused as a child. One day he climbed up a steep rock and intended to jump to death, but this climb has changed his life forever Jyothi Raj is an Indian rock climber and wall climber, “Kothi Raju” or “Monkey King“. He is also the only person to have scaledRead More


What Happens to your Face with Sunscreen might Shock You

How the sun sees you

Ever wonder what happens to your Face when you put on some Sunscreen? Videographer Thomas Leveritt asked people to take a look at themselves under ultraviolet (UV) light to show us of the damage of sunlight on our skin. It i shocking and freaky, but in a way it is amazing (never could have imagined the results). But what isRead More