20 Most Incredible Works of Origami. Origami Art.

Most Incredible Works of Origami Art_11

The origami art paper-craft originated way back centuries ago in Japan. Today, with the origami well-known to people around, this craft has evolved to some mind-blowing creations with a piece of paper. Here’s the most incredible origami art works ever made. Number #8, killed it, simply amazing. Iron Man Beetle Piano Dinosaur Polar Bear DonkeyRead More


Roller Coaster Walkway. A Roller Coaster For People Who Hate Roller Coasters. Awesome.

Pedistrian Roller Coaster

If you hate the super fast rides, then the German “Tiger & Turtle” – Magic Mountain roller coaster is perfect for you. Why? it’s an all pedestrian “roller coaster”. Created by designers, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, especially for those who fear the usual fast roller coaster rides so they can experience the twisted roller coasterRead More


Audio frequencies create amazingly complex sand patterns – they’re not random

This amazing resonance trick is called the “Chladni plate” experiment. The was performed by Brusspup, someone who has been creating illusion and science videos. This illusion is one work as a fruit for the love of magic, science, music and cinematography. Brusspup attached the tone generator to a black metal plate with sand over it.Read More


Amazing T-Rex Illusion: Appears to Turn its Head to Follow You – See how it actually looks

This T-Rex in this video is an image printed on a card board put together creating this mind-blowing illusion of a T-Rex’s head following the camera. Watch the video through the end and you’ll be amazed that this is not a camera trick. At 1:30 of the video the explanation starts, and be amazed againRead More


This Man Creates Amazing Snow Art Just by Walking – Definitely A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember Amazing Snow Art Created by Walking_1

Simon Beck is a unique artist who has been well-known for creating incredibly detailed snow art. He is neither carving nor sculpting the snow, he does his work of art just by walking over a fresh snowfall. He walks miles in the snow to create these mind-blown pieces. He is truly a man who loves art, because he spendsRead More


Stream Nostalgia with this Bluetooth Gramophone – Gramovox

Stream Nostalgia with this Bluetooth Gramophone - Gramovox - connectors

Every now-and-then it is nice to seat back and listen to classic music. With all the technology we have,  some vintage sound would be very relaxing. Another awesome kickstarter project promises to bring the vintage sound back, with the Gramovox, a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics . The Gramovox lets you stream nostalgia using your mobileRead More


The Coolest Rubber Band Machine Gun – 672 Shots with Fast Charger

Rubber Gatling Gun - Awesome

Everyone of any age will enjoy their shooting skills with this Rubber Band Machine Gun. A fully automatic machine gun with rubber band ‘bullets’, constructed precisely to the real Gatling machine gun principle. The body is made from the birch plywood and cut out on the CNC machine. The Rubber Band Machine Gun is currentlyRead More


15 Shadow Art Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

shadow art illusions

In our younger years we had fun with manipulating shadows with our hands. But sometimes, shadows also scare us, with all the random creepy images it tends to form at night. Amazingly, shadows can also be used to create Art. Using clever and strategic manipulation of space and light – your imagination and artistry isRead More


These 3D Art on Coffe Latte Will Blow Your Mind – Is it for real?


Japanese latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto has taken coffee latte art to a mind-blowing level. This 26-year-old specializes in building actual 3D art foam sculptures, some of which even climb out of their cups and reach out for others. Before he developed this technique, Kazuki used to create some incredibly detailed flat artworks on the coffee foam. KazukiRead More


21 Super Realistic Tattoo Designs – you’ll want to touch it to believe it

Spiderman - super realistic tatto designs

Looking for tattoo design ideas? These very realistic tattoo design will surely keep you thinking. The amazing designs ares so realistic, any who see it in real life might want to touch it to see that it is just a tattoo. My personal favorite is #11– Ripped skin showing a Spiderman suit. Very real. WhatRead More


40-foot Chinese wood art sets new record for the longest wood carving on a of single piece of timber


A Chinese artist has spent the last four years creating a wood art masterpiece on a single 40-foot long tree trunk. The carving is intricate that it includes 550 individual pieces of people. Famous wood-carver, Zheng Chunhui, has transformed very large tree trunk into a wood art re-creating an ancient Chinese painting, often referred toRead More


Amazing sand art sculptures by Guy-Oliver Deveau


Forget sand castles, checkout  Canadian sculptor Guy-Olivier Deveau’s amazing and extraordinary sand sculptures that makes whatever you’ve probably made out of sand, child’s play. Guy-Oliver Deveau’s sand artistry exhibit an intensely patient and systematic approach. The art pieces combine realism and anatomical detail with surreal and often terrifying distortions. Much of his art often bears some sortRead More


20 Delicious? Creepy Halloween food ideas

Childbirth Strawberry Cake

Make your Halloween even more fun. checkout these delicious, creepy and scary Halloween food ideas.  1. Childbirth Strawberry Cake 2. Unborn Baby Cookies 3. Band-Aid Cookies 4. Cream Cheese- and Walnut-Stuffed Roach Dates 5. Icky Intestine Cake for your Halloween Guests 6. Hot Dog Mummies 7. Zombie Brain Jello Shots 8. Cat Litter Cake 9. Guacamole Puking Pumpkin 10. Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Dirty EarRead More