15 Paper Sculptures Cut from a Single Piece of Paper – Papercut Art


Peter Callesen is a unique artist who creates amazing works of art from a single sheet of A4 paper. This incredible art combines the skill of cutting and transforming both the cut-out and the area the was cut, into meaning sculptures. It’s an incredible skill to make a scene or somewhat drama out of the papercutRead More


Streets of Seoul Painted with Colorful Murals that Only Appear When it’s Raining

Rainy days become colorful in South Korea. With the “Project Monsoon“, a group of designers created vibrant paintings on the streets. The cool this is that, these paintings Only appear when it’s raining (or technically when they get wet).   The designers used a special Hydrochromatic paint that is not visible unless it gets wet.Read More


The Lampster – Coolest Lamp with Attitude


The Lampster is a cool lamp designed with a superhero-like stance. Its first design was inspired from tractor headlights. With it’s Kickstarter campaign, backers can choose a number of ways to customize their Lampster; from color, logo or Letters/Initials. It functions as normal lamp with its normal light source. And a cooler lamp with itsRead More


Turn you Smartphone into a 3D Hologram Projector

This cool DIY works! with no 3D glasses needed. Just some old plastic CD case, and you can create a mini 3D hologram projector using your smartphone. This DIY youtubd video was posted by American Hacker. Try this out with these sample Hologram videos; 1. Hologram Video 1 2. Hologram Video 2  


Artist Use Paper and a Scissor to Create Amazing Paper Art Cut Outs


Hina Aoyama is a unique artist and illustrator. She creates super-fine and delicate paper art cut outs that’s maybe beyond the level of the very time-consuming needle lace making. And she does not use or need anything other than an ordinary paper and a pair scissors. Hina Aoyama is trying to create a mixture ofRead More


Cool Vintage Keyboard Will Make You Feel Like Writers From The Past


Experience nostalgia with this mechanical typewriter style keyboard. The tactile clicky sounds, the focus, and the vintage look is an awesome feel for steam-punk fans, or veteran writers, and a vintage experience for those who have never experience using a mechanical typewriter. This vintage-style keyboard, is dubbed as “Qwerkywriter”, was created by game developer Brian Min,Read More


20 Creepy Tasty Halloween Cupcake Ideas


Halloween is not just on scary costumes (trick), it can also be a treat! If you want to do something different this Halloween, Treat your friends or colleagues with some frightful, creepy, but tasty Halloween-themed cupcakes. It’s amazing how creativity can bring life to cupcakes with a bit of fondant and creativity. Check out theseRead More


14 Mind-boggling Imaginative Photo Retouching by Erik Johansson


Swedish-born photography artist Erik Johansson, uses both physical objects and special photo retouching techniques to create fantastical worlds in which everything seems possible. His works are literally twisted reality, everything in his works are real objects and real people. Erik Johansson has mastered the art of photo retouching, despite no formal training on photography, artRead More


Artist Uses the Sun and a Magnifying Glass To Create Stunning Works of Art

Jordan ang-osan - pyrography art - sunlight drawing

Filipino pyrography artist Jordan Mang-osan, creates beautiful artwork, which he calls “solar drawings”, by harnessing the power of the sun to burn images into a wooden canvas. Jordan Mang-osan, is an award-winning Filipino artist, he draws upon the culture, history and environment of his native Cordilleras region and of the Igorot people (of whom he isRead More


Stunning Life-Sized Metal Sculpture of Popular Movie Characters from Scrap


Artist Ban Hun Lek owns a metal workshop in Thailand, and that’s were he works his magic. He makes use of scrap metal mostly from auto-parts, and create stunning metal art sculptures of popular movie characters like The Hulk, Wall-E, and even Jack Sparrow. The most popular centerpieces of their scrap metal sculpture collection isRead More


20 Incredibly Stunning Animal Body Art!


These extra-ordinary artists are talented and passionate about their subjects – Animals! These models, and artists , create a stunning figurative representation of the relationship we share with animals. By cleverly using human body parts, they are able to showcase the real form of the animals they are painting. These animal body art  will definitelyRead More


Incredible Yamato Scale Model Created by a Student from empty snack boxes


This detailed scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato, is made from cardboard boxes (from empty snack boxes) by a highschool student. The tiny detailed parts have been measured out exactly to the millimeter, but apparently the creator made the entire ship with no official blueprints or written design – he simply made it up as heRead More


Beautiful (Creepy) Lip Art by Eva Pernas


Looking for some Halloween makeup ideas? Here are some spooky but beautiful (perfect mix) makeup “Lip Art” by Spanish makeup artist and photographer Eva Senín Pernas to get you started. It’s hard to believe but these amazing works of art are completely self-taught. Eva has always had a passion for makeup and photography, and her works, proved thisRead More


Cliff House – Extraordinary Vacation House Clings to Cliff for dear life


Imagine waking up in this vacation home overhanging the ocean waters?. The designers of this cliffhanger created a hearty 5-story home off the southwest coast of Austria, without using any flat dry land. In order to get inside of the house, you have to drive into the carport, which lowers down mechanically onto the topRead More


5-Year Old with Autism Create Paintings that Sell for thousands


Iris Grace, a 5-year-old with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting. She is a great example of the unexpected beautiful gifts that autism carries along. Autism is a poorly understood neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in various social interactions. Iris Grace is Autistic and is only just startingRead More