The Unspillable Cup – Mighty Mug

The Mighty mug uses some interesting tech to sit still even when knocked from the side.Developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, Mighty Mug, is the world’s only Mug that grips to your desk when knocked into, but lifts easily.   It uses Smartgrip Technology, which allows Mighty Mug to withstand accidental bumps byRead More


15 Paper Sculptures Cut from a Single Piece of Paper – Papercut Art


Peter Callesen is a unique artist who creates amazing works of art from a single sheet of A4 paper. This incredible art combines the skill of cutting and transforming both the cut-out and the area the was cut, into meaning sculptures. It’s an incredible skill to make a scene or somewhat drama out of the papercutRead More


Two Dare Devils Sneaked to the Top of the 2nd Tallest Building in the World


Vadim Makhorov (21) and Vitaliy Raskalov (25) previously scaled the Shanghai Tower (then under construction), it was China’s tallest building and second in the world. This crazy feet made a fuzz in the web and the video received around 41 million views. This time they are scaling into Shenzhen Finance Centre (China). When completed, it will be the tallest buildingRead More


15 Hollywood Actors and Their Stunt Double


There are Hollywood stars that we never see on television, but they surely contribute into making great movies. Checkout your favorite Hollywood stars, on set with their stunt double. They are professionals that do an amazing job which is why you hardly notice them. You believe it’s the actors because of great editing, matching wardrobe and aRead More


Unbelievable 1,500-ft tightrope walk across Grand Canyon – Nik Wallenda


When you see it. You’ll be amazed, astonished, terrified, in disbelief, etc. That is how crazy this stunt is. If you think this is crazy, Read on and find out what he has in for the next stunt. The image actually shows a man, Nik Wallenda, crossing  1,500 feet above the Colorado River Gorge near the GrandRead More


The Best Guitar Cover on a Classic – Sweet Child O’ Mine (2 Guitar)

Sweet Child O Mine - Best cover

This iconic rock song has been covered my times, but not like This. Unbelievable! This may be the best guitar performance ever seen on this classic song. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnol. You can downloads his music at candyrat – luca stricagnoli Like and Share if you enjoyed it.


Sky Walk Let’s Visitors Plunge 18 Stories After Reaching the Top


Enjoy breathtaking view and then plunge into a thrilling slide form 18 stories high. A great combination for adventurous tourists. In Czech Republic’s Králický Sněžník mountain  there is a bizarre looking, looping platform that stands 180 ft tall. It’s a unique construction that was design to blend with nature. The Dolni Morava Sky Walk stretches out over a steepRead More


10 Restaurants In The Most Unforgettable Settings

unique restaurants - unforgettable dining

From high in the sky to under the sea, these 9 unique restaurants should be on your bucket lists. With unique surroundings and view, they will surely make you some unforgettable dining experience. 1. Dinner in the Sky – Around the World Suspended at a height of 50 metres, Diner in the Sky hosts theseRead More


Drone Captures Fireworks Across an Entire City on NYE

Drone City fireworks - NYE 2016

Drones are definitely giving us a better view at everything. Photographer Jeff Cremer flew a drone at 200 m (650 ft) over Lima, Peru, on the ever of new year, and captured an amazing fireworks display across the entire city (everything in the horizon is lit-up). It’s incredible to see just how many firework displays were occurringRead More


Most Amazing Drone Photos Captured in 2015


“Drones are becoming an increasingly accessible way to get a new perspective on the world,” Eric Dupin, CEO of Dronestagram, said in a statement. “There literally are no physical limits as to where a shot can take place anymore.” Dronestagram is a website and app focused exclusively on drone imagery. They have partnered with National Geographic, GoPro,Read More